Custom Designs by Heather Gabriel Singing Seamstress


Though I operate worldwide, I’m home-based in Houston, and believe me when I say that costuming opportunities abound. Between our extensive community theatre presence, the nearby Texas Renaissance Festival and Sherwood Forest Renaissance Festival, and the host of conventions such as Comic Con, people are finding themselves in need of custom-made costumes more often than one would think.

Absolutely you could rent an ill-fitting costume that’s been worn by God knows who time and again… but for comparable costs, you can own your own personally altered creation that’s the brainchild of your own imagination.

Serious costuming occupations require serious threads. Together, you and I can create something spectacular.

Cosplay 1

Cosplay 3

Cosplay 4

Cosplay 10

Cosplay 6

Cosplay 2

Cosplay 8

Cosplay 9

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