From the tender age of 9, when I single–handedly sewed my first summer dress out of lavender and ivory sprigged lawn, I knew the needle was a natural extension of my arm. Over the past 30 years, I graduated from designing doll clothes to breathing life into real people’s fantasies come true. Are you looking for that perfect wedding or a prom dress? Do you need a costume for a play or the Renaissance Festival? Perhaps it's time for a memory quilt made from the clothing of a loved one. Whatever you need help with, my super power is turning fabric into something fantastic! And my secret ingredients? Passion for my art and a whole lotta love. People ask me where my ideas come from. Having a theatre background has taught me to think on my feet and tune in to my surroundings and the soul of the story. Sometimes the design is complete in my head before I take to the scissors and sometimes I let the fabric talk to me. A fabric store is my ultimate canvas … I can make anything from these raw materials and the possibilities are endless.